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I wanna post this one, cause it was something Justin and I were discussing when we were rolling down the street. It was random, but that shit is always fun.

Your building your own posse, and the question is who is it.

Now I understand that everyone wants to pick all their friends, the exercise was more or less directed at celebrities, musicians, athletes, etc. Not that friends shouldn't be in a posse, thing is that all your friends ARE your current posse. And lord knows that it's quite obvious in reality we would all choose our friends to be in our posse.

I am not gonna hinder anyone for choosing friends, but I would rather see a some creativity.

Justin had them allocated with a designation, I can remember some, and the rest I'll make up.

Posse Leader: This is you!
Posse Leaders bitch: The leader always has their bitch lover.
Mouthpiece: The person who does the talking.
Bruiser: The ass kicker.
Comic Releif: Self explanatory, not understanding means you need to be shot.
The Magnet: This is the person who attracts attention to the posse. The Mouthpiece does the talking, this is the quiet yet attractive beacon that draws encounters.

Here is how mine goes, follow suit.

Posse Leader: JPZ
Posse Leaders Bitch: Jessica Alba
Mouthpiece: James Gandolfini
Bruiser: Kevin Nash as the Russian
Comic Releif: Sir Sean Connery
The Magnet: Christopher Walken

I chose all actors and actresses, you don't have to. Anyway, thats my posse bitches.
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wednesday meme number 5

1. What is one thing you will try to do in the new year to improve your writing/art?

2. Are there any new mediums/genres you have been wanting to try that you think you might do this year?

3. What was the best thing you read/saw in 2005?

4. What was the worst?

5. What was the best thing you wrote or made in 2005?


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Sunday w.ex number four.

Sorry, It was Christmas.

Write a Christmas Story.

In my head::
dirty LATE!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday meme number 4


1. What is your favourite holiday song/least favourite?

2. What is your favourite holiday movie/least favourite?

3. What do you think about ''Twas the Night Before Christmas'?

4. What is your favourite holiday Tradition?

5. Dashing through the snow or staying at home by the fire?


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Sunday w.e number three:

from writer's digest.com

While unpacking at your new apartment, you find a box left behind in the corner of the closet. Whats in it? What do the items tell you about the previous resident?

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wednesday meme number 3:

Writer's (creator's) block:

1. When you get the block do you try to overcome it and just write or let it sit and come back to it later?

2. If you let it sit, what do you do in the meintime?

3. Have you ever made something really cool as a result of your writer's block?

4. Do you find you have writer's block more often if you have a deadline or if you do not?


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Sunday W.E. number 2.

Choose a colour. Describe it, what it tastes like, what it smells like, what it feels like...

p.s. ok, so it's Monday actually.....sue me.

In my head::
hungry hungry
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Wednesday meme number 2

Tell me something new.

For each section of this meme recommend to us something we should check out. It doesn't have to be your favourite piece, but it should be something you think will be new to the rest of us and that we might enjoy.

1. Book

2. Movie

3. Album

4. Single.

5. Piece of art.

6. Website.

7. Photograph/picture.

8. Short story.

9. Poem.

10. Play.


In my head::
curious curious
In my ears::
Paper bag - Fiona Apple
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...a little, added a few community "rules".

I was also thinking to remind people that if they are interested to see what other people are writing for the weekly topics/memes they need to chex the comments section for those days, that is where most subject posting will take place. I know sometimes I forget to go to the actual journal page to check things and I rely on my friends page for the current items of interest...which after a few days can become NOT SO CURRENT.

Of course, you all are welcome to post whatever work you like as a regular post.


In my head::
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Sunday Writing excercise number 1

Choose one of the following cities (one you have never visited). Write a paragraph describing what it is like to live there (as if you DO live there).

San Fransisco
New York City
Cape Town
Rio De Janerio

In my head::
good good
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