Back for the (first????) time

It ahs been quite a while for this community but I thought, hey why the hell not?

here's a quick meme to bring it back around, I'll call it......

Before and after

1. What is one thing you used to do that you no longer do and you miss or wish you still did?
2. What is one thing you used to do that you no longer do and you are glad to be rid of?
3. What are some things you imagine you wil not do in 5-10 years that are currently a regular part of your life?
4. Is there anything about your life now that you (know) will never change.
5.What was your favorite part of being a child, what is your favorite part of being an adult?

talk amongst yourselves....ok....go!
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. . . Pants on Fire

Last week yet another memorist was outed (this time by her sister no less!) as nothing more than a lowly fiction writer; once again begging the question: why didn't they just publish their works as fiction in the first place?

Ego and greed, probably.

Not discounting these writers' duplicity in dealing with their publishers, what's truly troubling when these contretemps raise their ugly little heads is the press's haughty shock and awe that any half-truths (or quarter- or third-truths) should have wormed their way into the sanctity of somebody's memoir. Literary and social critics alike thump their thesauri and behave as if, pre-James Frey coming along and embarrassing Oprah with his million little lies, every memoir published was letter-perfect when it came to factual matters--that no details were added or enhanced (or omitted), that no dialog was fabricated, that nothing was tweaked to make the piece better (or at least readable).

By its selective nature, a memoir is not journalism; it is subject to the tricks our memories play on us; how and why events took place are filtered, consciously or unconsciously, by our prejudices, belief systems, etc. Plus, let's face it, folks: life, by and large, is boring. Even fascinating people have plenty of downtime where nothing of much interest happens. Knowing what to emphasize and what to ignore, where a chapter--let alone the real story--begins and ends (in reality, most people's lives have very few--and very long--chapters), is the writer's job.

And while we're talking about it, the very journalists looking down their collective nose at these memorists are prone to the same refractions they're pillorying; they shouldn't be, but they are. The truth is never more malleable than in the hands of a writer.



w.e. number six

you can choose your style!!!!!
now in two juicy flavors.
a. write a short story about a night at your favourite resturant/club.
b. write a critique about a resturant/club for a newspaper article.

You can make up the establishment if you like, it doesn't have to be a real one.

It's humpday again...

wednesday meme Number six

1. Do you enjoy Horror movies?

2. What do you think about the current (last five years) state of the horror genre in Hollywood? Do you enjoy old horror films?

3. What is your fave type of horror film; Sci-fi. slasher, psychological thriller, inanimiate object come to life, spoof, zombies....whatever?

4. What are some, if any, of you fave horror authors? least fave?

5. Haunted house. yay or not so much?
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