Away from the table...

the Gods still play.

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1. If you post/borrow/quote from anyone else's work, even if it's just a writing excercise idea, or whatever, CREDIT THE AUTHOR/PHOTOGRAPHER/ARTIST!

2. Don't be mean. There are PLENTY of ways to offer criticism without being an asshole.

3. Don't be shy. Post what you like, don't be afraid to get into a character or express yourself how you want.

This is a sister community to table_of_gods, the purpose of which is to focus on all the things we do that are not gaming. Fan fiction, art, screenwriting, comic books, original stories, cinematography, photography, playwriting, poetry, enjoying literature and movies, music, or anything else creative.

This is a forum for the discussion of whatever media you enjoy to create or observe. For copyright purposes and to avoid plagerism post you own work at your risk. It would be nice if people wouldn't steal the work of others, but it happens. I suggest if you would like an opinion on something you've written or would like to share a piece to only post the first 10-12 lines (If we don't get a clear idea from that then we might never get one) or post your work friends only.

Another facet of this community is to discuss a book or article you may be reading or maybe a movie you've seen, or a television or radio program you enjoy. Reccommend to us the things you like and warn us about the things you didn't. I'd like to try doing some type of Book of the month thing where we can all read something and discuss...we'll see where the community goes.

If you post on fanfic.net or have an elfwood gallery or host another such site we would love to see it! Post a link for other members to check out your work.

It is my hope that you can find positve input and creative help here from other like minded people who share your interests in the liberal arts.

Live, Laugh, Love.....and enjoy.
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